Bao box 💃

This is Opi. The one person with a million titles in my life. My favorite being small sister. For her birthday this year, we chose to hang out at Bao box. You’ll find out why in a few 😉.

First is it’s location. Bao Box is located on the 8th floor of Pramukh Towers along Westlands road. Not a difficult place to access.

Second is the ambience. The place is really beautiful with a cosy atmosphere. It also has these scenic views 😍. This is one of the reasons why many people prefer the outdoor area. I mean, just have a look😌


The outdoor area is a good choice for a group of people that just want to chill, have fun, play games and make noise 😂. The indoor area is for those that want peace and quiet, probably on a date, a meeting or just catching up.

Did I say games? The main thing that drew us to Bao box is their provision of board games. Personally I don’t know of another restaurant that does this. You could enlighten me on the comments section if you know of another. For only 1000 kshs, you get to enjoy unlimited board games just as long as you play one game at a time. Hoarders in the house I hope you’ve heard this 😂. We only got to play 3 games because of our limited time. You can check out the games we did on my vlog below.

Board games shelf
One of the games we played

There’s also something else. The fooooood🙌. First is affordability. You can enjoy a good meal from as low as 1000 kshs. There’s a lot more to the menu than the two pages posted below. This is just to give you a range to work with.

Next is the quantity😀. We were all surprised at how generous their serving was. I mean, we totally didn’t expect it. There are some dishes that you can actually just order for one but share it with someone else. An awesome tip right here huh? 😀

The food itself is also really tasty 😋. Considering the amounts, we actually had some left over to take home.

The waiters are friendly though the service is not fast. Probably because of the high numbers. Or is it because I was really hungry? 🤔. Anyway, all in all, we really had an awesome time there and took plenty of photos too.

Planning a visit already? Aweessomme

Thank you for reading my blog. Until next time… It’s been real😉. Do check out my vlog above to get the actual feel of the day 😀.

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Babies day out 😍

On the 24th of December, we decided to take my small cousins for an outing. I can’t remember who suggested Nairobi National Museum but it turned out to be the best decision made 😊 not only for the kids, but also for us the adults who accompanied them. It was my 2nd time there but I still did have fun for sure💃.

It is located at the Museum Hill, approximately 10 minutes away from the CBD and is accessible by both public and private means.

Right from the entrance, there are a lot of beautiful sites to behold. You might get lost in photo sessions over here and forget the main purpose of the visit 😂.

So, there’s the Museum section to visit and the snake park. The entrance fee for each one of them is 200 kshs for an adult but here’s the trick. If you choose to visit both places, you’ll pay a total of 300 kshs instead of 400 kshs 😀. Alafu mseme huwa siwajengi 😂. Below is more info on the entrance fee i. e. rates for a child and the likes.

There are two gift shops I noticed in the museum that you just must check out. The first one’s just opposite the entrance.

I was happy to see that the Museum management is strict on covid regulations. We got to wash our hands at the entrance and got our temperatures checked. You won’t be allowed in without a mask either.

Once you’ve payed up, it’s time for you to enjoy. You can choose to do the tour on your own or get a tour guide and give them a tip (whatever amount you’ll feel they deserve). I’d recommend you get the guide so as to learn as much history as possible, get to see all there is and also move faster😀. The tour takes about 30 minutes.

I’ll share just a few pics of the inside so that you get to enjoy the rest on your visit there.

Symbolizes the country’s governance
Different bird species
Old train station

The snake park is on a whole other building. Other than snakes, the park also has aquariums with these adorable fish😍 (I ain’t posting any snake pictures here). I don’t want y’all to get nightmares 😀.

There are crocodiles and tortoises on site too. We were lucky to get there when it was feeding time for the crocodiles. Yoohh, you should’ve seen how they pounce on the chunk of meat 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️

Other than the park and museum tour for the kids, there’s also a playground💃. Awesome, right😀? Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of it.

The museum also has dining facilities 😋. I hope you can see how nice it looks behind mum 😀. I didn’t get to take a photo of it solo. Problems of doing both a vlog and blog. For more footage of the restaurant do check out the vlog I did on the museum. I’ll drop the link below 😊

The ambience is just beautiful and the food tasty too 😋. You can choose to sit inside where there’s peace and quiet or get to enjoy the fresh air and views at the balcony.

Restaurant prices 😊
Views 😍

One thing I love about the museum is that it is family friendly. Other than everything I’ve mentioned above, there are gardens to chill at and have a picnic but best of all, there’s a nature trail 😍. Unaweza tembea na mrembo huko you get to enjoy the scenic environment. The trail even leads to a small river. You don’t pay anything extra to go to the trail imagine. Once you’ve payed for the museum, that’s it 💯.

You can sit here and get to enjoy your packed lunch
Path to the trail
Some features along the trail

You get to learn about different plant species along the way 🙂. For more views of the trail do check out my vlog. Here goes the link.

More enteresting places in the compound

Happy New Year 🎉💃😀😍

Thank you for reading my first blog post of the year! I hope you’ll stay tuned all year long because I’ve got amazing plans for you dear reader. Sending lots of love your way and blessing galore in the new year.

It’s been real 😉

The Forest, Kereita 🤩

I’ve always wanted to travel with Bonfire Adventures or go out with them for any activity but always thought it would be expensive. You cannot imagine the joy I felt when I saw this amazing offer they had.

I just had to book a slot immediately and the rest is history 😃.

Being the first time going out with a travel agency, I found it to be very convenient. I chose the Rosa option and was picked in town, didn’t have to worry about how to get there. However, if you want to get to The Forest via public means, you’ll board matatus heading to Naivasha, should be about 400 kshs, alight at Kimende stage, then take a boda boda or taxi to The Forest. Should be about 200 kshs. This also depends on your burgaining power 😃. There are sign posts all over you definitely won’t get lost if coming on private means.

At the gate, you’ll need to pay an entrance fee of 228 kshs. The extra 28 bob came about as New VAT regulations. The management there is very keen on covid regulations. First thing you do once you get inside is wash your hands, get your temperature checked then you’re given the rules and regulations document to go through and sign if in agreement. This is very important considering the range of activities offered there.

We had to mask up too😊

The Forest has very many activities that you can engage in. Bonfire’s package included ziplining, i.e. the two line zipline. The session begins with training on a short course before you go for the real deal. It was my first time doing this and I must say it was very exciting! Other than the fact that I almost got into a dangerous situation towards the end of the line🙆‍♀️. Story for another day. However, there’s also a 6 line zipline which I’d advise you go for. This one’s longer and you get to hike a bit from one zipline to another. Do check out my YouTube video to see the real deal! 💃. You’ll find the link below.

Next there’s archery. We had to pay for ourselves the extra activities but the prices were subsidized courtesy of Bonfire.

This was my first time too and I totally loved it. I actually plan on doing this more often. Anyway, the session starts with lessons on how to do it then trials and finally competitions😃. The top three people get to do the balloon challenge. (Also in my vlog). The trainers were really nice 💯.

Other activities you can engage in are:

Paint balling

Paint ball would be so much fun if you were competing with friends, the banters😂 and all. However, if you go solo like me, worry not😊. You’ll be joined with other groups there. This I didn’t get to do but next time, issa must do.

There’s also camping, nature walks, tree planting among others. It is also a nice place for team building. All you need to do is make a call and get advised on activities you can combine plus rates. Speaking of rates, I know you’re already wondering why I ain’t mentioning the prices as I move on. Well here goes the price list for all activities plus durations etc etc😀. See, I always gatchu 😉

Going with Bonfire was such an amazing experience. I didn’t have to worry about any planning, bookings etc etc. Mine was just to show up and have fun😍💃. Our guide, Mariah, was really friendly and made sure we enjoyed our experience there ☺️. The package was inclusive of lunch which we had at the restaurant there. It was really tasty and filling.

I did get value for my money I must say. If I was to choose between planning this trip on my own and going with Bonfire I’d definitely choose them. There’s not much you’ll save if you go alone and this one comes with total comfort 💯.

Back to the restaurant. It does have a good ambience and is very spacious. From there, you also get a really nice view of the zipline

Just one of the sides
View from the restaurant

Their food is also really nice. Mariah says their milkshake is legit 😋, I didn’t try it myself. The place is open for birthday parties too. I saw the waiters bring cake and sing happy birthday to this little girl. You can always plan that with them ☺️.

This has been long eyy? Anyway, I hope you’re planning to visit this place. Bonfire always has this package all year long so you need not to worry 😊. I think there’s even one coming up on 12th Dec, wait, tomorrow🤔, yes yes. If you need Maria’s contacts, do reach out. She also plans international travels.

Anyway, thank you for reading my blog. Until next time, it’s been real 😉.

Here goes the link to my vlog on Kereita 😍.

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Tanager Restaurant😋

Todays’ blog is about this lovely restaurant my friend took me to for lunch. Before we get to it, I’d like you to meet her😀. She’s such an amazing soul 😊. One of those friends for keeps. Oh and an awesome blogger too😍. Pretty interesting content, I’ll drop a link at the end for you to check her out.

Meet Enid

I have so much to say about this restaurant but because I don’t want to bore you with a very long post 😂, I’ll just mention 5 things that stood out for me. You can get other details about the restaurant in the vlog I did. I promise to put the link down below too😊

So, 1st is the location. I love the fact that the restaurant is in the CBD, along Kaunda street. This means that it is a central hangout point and also very accessible.

2nd is the ambience

The restaurant has 3 sitting areas. Once you get in, you’ll be met by a small sitting area with it’s kitchen that might get you thinking that that’s all there is but there’s more upstairs. There’s the inner sitting area that is very spacious and beautiful 😍, unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a picture, and the balcony that looks as above. Pretty nice, right? And clean too. We chose the balcony because of fresh air, good lighting and the outside view.

3rd is their prices

Just check out those prices 🙌. I don’t even need to say much, they speak for themselves. The menu also has a variety of dishes for you to choose from. They also have shared platters incase you go there with a large group.

4th is their food

Chicken wrap
Chicken biryani
Oreo milkshake, iced coffee

The food itself is just delicious 😋 and satisfying too. We both had some leftovers to take home because eeyy, they serve generously 🙌. They just need to improve on food presentation a little.

5th is their adherence to covid regulations

We had to wash our hands at the entrance and had our temperatures taken. The seats and tables in the restaurant were spaced out too ensuring the rule on social distance was kept.

The customer service was good though we had to wait for over 20 minutes to get our food. I think it depends with what you order though. I loved the staffs’ uniform btw.

For more info, check out a vlog I did on the restaurant. Here goes the link😉.

Thank you for reading my blog. Until next time, it’s been real😉.

As promised, here goes the link to Enid’s blog. Be sure to check her out.

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Mashed potato puffs

Ain’t I proud of myself! First time trying this recipe and it came out just fine. I mean just have a look.

Niko sawa, right😀? Like egg curry in the previous post, it is easy to prepare and requires few ingredients.


  • Potatoes
  • Sausages (beef, bacon, whatever you like)
  • Eggs
  • Cheese (I used mozarella)
  • Green onions
  • Salt
  • Black pepper

Step 1: Grate the cheese. The supermarket hardly sells shredded cheese. This need not worry you. Just buy it and grate it with the usual grater at home. You ought to end up with strips like these

Your cheese shouldn’t be too hard or too soft when grating if you want the strips to come out nicely.

Step 2: Peel the pototoes and put them to boil.

Step 3: As you wait for the potatoes to be ready, precook the sausages. I did mine as below but you shouldn’t overcook them as they will still go into the oven.

Step 4: Once the potatoes are ready, mash them nicely then pour them into a mixing bowl. Crack some eggs into the bowl then continue mixing until the mashed potatoes are really smooth. The egg is just to put everything together.

Step 5: Chop the precooked sausages into small pieces and put them into the mix together with salt and black pepper. Pour in the cheese too and green onions and mix everything together until they evenly spread.

Step 6: Oven time! Get you muffin tray and spray some flour on it just to prevent sticking. You can then scoope the mixture and place it in each of the wells. Use the back of the spoon to flatten it out and it’s ready to go into the oven.

Step 7: Bake at 400F that’s about 220degrees celcius for between 40mins and 1 hour. You can just check them out through the glass to see if they are ready.

Step 8: Get them out of the oven and let them cool a little then run a knife or spoon around the edges and careful remove from the pan. Plate them😊. They surely are yummy!

What I was aiming at versus what I came up with😂. Yyoohh I was close! Don’t laugh at mine😀.

I know the next time I try it, I will come closer to what I intended it to be.I’ll even make sure I have the sour cream and chives or green onions on top ngojeni tu😂.

To note!! If you have a big family kindly get a bigger muffin tray. I underestimated my potatoes hence the mixture ended up being too much. Considering my muffin tray only had 6wells and one round takes about 45 mins to be ready you can only imagine how many rounds I had to do. Just know that I slept a little past midgnight😂. Also, prepare what you can finish as it ain’t something to keep for over 12hours and still expect it to be fresh.

Anyway, thank you for reading my post. Until next time, it’s been real😉. Do check out my vlog to see me in action with this recipe😀. Here goes the link

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Egg curry😋

In today’s menu we have egg curry served with rice. This is one of my favourite meals because it takes a short time to prepare, requires few ingredients hence affordable and I find it fancy simple as it is😂.


  • Eggs
  • Onions
  • Ginger
  • Garlic
  • Tomatoes
  • Dhania
  • Mala
  • Salt
  • Spices: Curry powder, cayenne, cumin seeds

Step 1: Boil the eggs. Usually takes about 15minutes to be ready. Once ready, remove the shells and set them aside.

Step 2: Fry onions until they brown, add ginger and garlic. Chop dhania, separating the stem from the leaves (apparently, the stems have a stronger aroma compared to the leaves). Add in the stems and leave the leaves for a later stage.

Step 3: Blend tomatoes and add the puree to the mix. Add salt to taste. Put in your spices (I used curry powder-which is very key I mean you’re making egg curry, cayenne spice and cumin seeds).

Step 4: Add mala and cover the puree for a minute or two. It’s purpose is just to thicken the stew. You can also use plain yoghurt. As you pour in the mala, preserve some for the next stage.

Step 5: Pour in the mala you had preserved. This time it’s because we want to have that sour taste in the stew. You can then add in the boiled eggs and mix everything up.

Step 6: Lastly, add in the dhania leaves and cover the stew up for just a minute and your egg curry will be ready!

You can serve it with rice like I did or ugali.

Thank you for reading my blog. Check out a vlog I did on the same to see the real deal. It’ll probably make things easier for you if you’re planning on trying it out. Here goes the link…

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Kyla’s cook book🍲

RECIPE 1: Stuffed mashed potatoes

Before we get into the recipe, let me just just give you a brief introduction of what’s happening here. Now that we have to stay at home, I’ve had to come up with quarantine content that’ll run until we go back to normalcy. It will basically entail different recipes put down here but the real action will be on my vlog😉. Be sure to check it out in order to have a clear picture of the whole process. I’ll drop the link at the bottom. You can always suggest other recipes you’d want me to try out at the comments section. Enjoooyyy.

Also, keep this in mind. You don’t always have to go out to enjoy good food! You can make your home a restaurant😂…cook yourself a fingerliking meal and all! Which is what I’m trynna do here so come with me😉.

Main ingredients

  • Potatoes
  • Minced meat
  • Eggs
  • Wheat flour
  • Tomatoes
  • Onions
  • Spices

Step 1: Peel the potatoes and put to boil, adding salt and any other spices you might want it to have.

Step 2: Boil the minced meat

Step 3: Once the minced meat is tender, drain any extra water then add in some chopped onions, salt, pepper and any other spices you’d like your meat to have.

Step 4: When the potatoes are ready, mash them up

Step 5: Put two scoops of the mashed potatoes into the palm of your hand and shape them into a ball.

Step 6: Creat a tiny hole on the ball😀 then scoop a table spoon of the minced meat and put it in, adding some more mashed potatoes on the top to cover then shape it. Do the same to the rest of the mashed potatoes and minced meat setting them aside on a plate.

Step 7: Crack open the eggs and beat them up then add in a couple of tablespoons of flour. Mix it up until it’s well combined.

Step 8: Place the stuffed balls into the mixture and roll them around until they are well coated.

Step 9: Put some cooking oil into a sufuria and heat it until it shimmers then place the balls in, rolling them around until they are beautifully golden brown then plate them.

Step 10: With the remaining onions and diced tomatoes, make some stew to serve with the stuffed potatoes😋. You can also have it with soda, juice or whatever drink you like.

Things that can mess you up

  • Putting very little flour while making the coating
  • Dropping the ball into the oil from a distance due to fear of being burnt….yoh the whole ball will crumble! Make sure you place it gently

Anyway, I hope you’ll try this recipe out. It is delicious I promise😋. Thank you for reading my blog. Until next time, it’s been real😉.

Don’t forget to check out the vlog on this. It’ll make things easier for you if you wanna try it out. Here goes the link


Mwanza was pure bliss🙌

I can’t believe we had initially planned to tour Mwanza for just a day then move on to another country. We would have missed out on a lot for sure! The fact that I got to spend 11,450 kshs only for the entire trip, that is minus souveniors, makes it even more exciting😀. Okay let me not get ahead of my self😂. By we, I mean my best friend Naomi and I. Btw I just have to give her a shout out here. This trip was originally her idea and I’m really glad she let me join in, but that’s not the point. She did an amazing job at planning most of the trip out, like places we were gonna visit, trying to find accomodation and all. The trip wouldn’t have been a success without her and I’m really grateful😌.

There’s just so much to say about Mwanza that I don’t know where to begin and I don’t wanna make this an extremely long read so here’s what I’ll do. I’ll mention just the important details, things that will help you in planning your trip and then you can find out more on my vlog, yes you need to check this out to see how beautiful Mwanza is and get to know what the places I’ll mention here look like. You’ll find the link at the bottom.😉

So, let’s get into it💪. The first thing we did when we got to Mwanza was buy a simcard, I mean you don’t want to keep your family and friends anxious, not knowing whether you arrived safely or not. It wasn’t an easy process though as it is in Kenya. We even had to have our finger prints taken and this didn’t excite us at first. We felt like we were giving too much information to a stranger, considering it was just a booth around the stage. We however calmed down when we realized all the information was in sync i.e. photos of us that had been taken at the border appeared in his machine. Piece of advice, if you’re on a budget like us, you’d better buy data bundles other than minutes as the rates are a bit uneconomical.

It is good to interact with the locals. One thing I learnt about Tanzanians is that they are really kind and always ready to help out. We learnt from one of them that we could get accomodation in the town we were going to alight at, that is Buzuruga, hence abandoning our initial plan. True to his words, we got an amazing place in less than 30mins. The hotel is called Rockcity Lodge. There’s a video of the entire place up in my channel don’t forget to go check it out😀

What we loved about the place is the fact that it had a beautiful compound, was clean, had friendly staff, the rooms were sizeable but above all was the price. People of the same gender cannot share a bed in Tanzanian hotels, king size or what, hence we got a double room going for kshs 2000 per night inclusive of breakfast. Considering there was two of us, we each payed kshs 1000 per night😉. Pros of having a travel buddy right here! @Martin Owen, please don’t come here with those cost sharing shenanigans of yours😀.

I also found this funny, we were to pay 6k for the 3nights we were both going to spend there which translated to 120,000Tsh😂…Eeyyyy Kenya tuko mbele🙌.

Btw, you don’t have to change your money in Kenya. If anything, you might get a lower rate like I did😢. Modern Coast Kenya is able to do this for you at their office in Mwanza. But that is for Ksh to Tsh not dollars and other currencies. Also, it is not advisable to change your money at the border. Chances of getting conned there are high as we were told. We didn’t do much on the first day since we were really tired after being on road for about 15 hours.

On the 2nd day, we went to Sukuma Bujora Museum.

The entry fee is kshs 400 for East Africans and kshs 750 for others. We were lucky to get a good tour guide who knew his history really well and was patient with us, allowing us to take in the scenery slowly plus take as many photos as we wanted😀.

What amazed me most was their traditional dance. They had these two teams that would compete against each other. One of the teams would dance with a snake and the other, a hyena. I’m cool with the hyena, snake😳😳😳 how even? I love my life I just can’t🙌…can you? He even showed us online videos of their recorded dances. You might want to plan your trip for the month of June in time for the cultural dance they usually have at the museum. The one for this year, 2020, was to run from 14th to 21st June. Afterwards, we had lunch at a kibandaski😎. Imagine we spent kshs 50 for rice, some veggies and beans stew that was thick and tasty😋😄.

Day 3 was quite a busy day. Rumours of lock downs due to covid 19 were all over the place hence we tried to cover as much ground as we could as we would be required to get back home anytime. First, we went to Saanane Island, named after the man who agreed to move out of the area and allow the park be set up there.

This is one place you can’t afford to miss visiting when in Mwanza. It is too beautiful😍😍 you’ll fall in love🙌. You need to set aside a whooolleee day for this unlike us who did just half a day and wished we didn’t have other plans lined up. We payed around 1450 kshs which catered for everything i.e. park fees, private boat to and from the island and even a tour guide. You can just decide to tip the guide afterwards. Btw, they prefer using visa cards. We had carried cash and had to go through a long process to be sorted out, you better not risk. There are five main areas you’ll get to see at the ‘man made park’ other than the zebras, waterbucks, lion, peacocks and other animals you’ll find. These are sunset view🌞, giraffe tree🌳, picnice site, lover’s corner❤ and jumping stone. Unfortunetely, it started drizzling while we were at the island hence we didn’t get to the jumping stone. I’ll just give you a sneak peak of the place then you can check out the videos later but trust me, the photos ain’t even doing the place justice….you just need to experience it personally😭 because eeyyyy👐😍😍

We then had lunch with an amazing view and headed to Bismack rock.

As indicated above, the entry fee is kshs 50 . There’s two places you could go to in this area. A public one whose entry is free but has limited activities and this one that charges 50 bob but totally worth it as it has many activities you can engage in. Unfortunately, we couldn’t have a swim as we hadn’t carried our swimming costumes😭 but we walked around admiring the rocks and enjoyed the sunset😌.

Later on, we went to Rock City Mall to get ourselves some souveniors.

If you have time do check out their markets though. You’ll definately get beautiful things and at an affordable price.

Day four and our last we headed out to Tunza beach🌴.

Entry fee is ksh 100. It is a small beautiful beach but not good for swimming because the water ain’t so clean and it had a lot of ‘dudus’. The view however is just amazing😍. I also loved the fact that it had a playing area for kids.

From here, we went straight to the hotel, had lunch and walked to the modern coast stage as we had packed up early morning.

We were lucky to book our travel ticket from Nairobi to Mwanza at a time when modern coast had this offer.

Hence only spent kshs 999 for normal seats. On coming backing however, we got VIP seats at kshs 2150. Our main means of transport around Mwanza was Matatu and motorbikes.

That is basically it😀. My budget was supposed be kshs 10,000 which is actually very possible. I went slightly above it just because I decided to spoil myself a little on the last day knowing that I wasn’t going to the other two countries but with 10k you’re very safe. The amount is inclusive of transport around Mwanza, meals and even small things like water and airtime. I hope you’re already planning on visiting Mwanza when this is over. If not, I still have a few more links that can help spike up that excitement😀.

Check out my vlog to familiarize yourself with Mwanza even more😉. Here goes the link.

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Also, Naomi has done a couple of lovely blogs on this trip too. You can check them out😀 and find out what her experience was like plus get a few important details I may have left out. Here goes the link

Finally is this lovely lady on IG

We picked a lot from her trip to Mwanza to plan our own hence it would be amazing to check her out as well.

With all this information your trip to Mwanza will definately be one of a kind🙌.

Thank you for reading my post. Until next time…it’s been real😉.

Share this with you’r friends and plan something out when this is over!

#Wash you hands # Stay home #Stay safe😘.

My new favourite

To begin with, if you are my friend and have dined here before, yet you haven’t insisted I pay the place a visit, issa wrap. You better send me an apology letter or else your name is out my friends’ list😀. I mean how could you! On a lighter note though😀…this place is amazing🙌. Like I’ve heard about it a couple of times, passed by it severally but never payed much attention to it. Sam, I owe you one for making me go there😌. I mean, you’re welcomed with amazing offers right from the entrance as you can see above but these ain’t half as good as the prices on their food. Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.

I hear there’s the new and old Kilimanjaro. I haven’t been to the new one but I’m told it has a better ambience. The old one is found along Kimathi street in town. It is near Nation Center though nation will be on your right and Kilimanjaro on your left hand side. You can easily miss the entrance but right before it, is a sign written Kilimanjaro then this short corridor with another poster inside leading to the restaurant which is on the first floor.

The ambience is good. You can choose to sit inside or at their balcony though the balcony feels more intimate for me. The inside area is more open to families or a group of friends. The one thing I gatchu on is the menu. I think I was sooo excited about it I ended up taking pictures of the entire menu😂. I’ll only post the pages I feel are most important though.

The food itself, my gasssshhh….this is where you get value for your money!🙌🙌

I had the chicken curry. It was delicious😋 and satisfying. These guyz are so generous with their servings🙌🙌😭😭. I even had to take away mine because it was just a loootttt. The vegeterian in the house said his food was also really tasty😋😋. The sphagetti and minced meet was also nice but my friend said the sphagetti was a bit plain. All in all, I must say that this is officially my new favourite restaurant. I mean who doesn’t like a place with quality and QUANTITY. Quantity is everything🙌. I know those who know me are now laughing😀 but iss okay. One day….

The waiters were friendly. There’s this one who saw my friends and I struggling to take selfies and opted to come over and help us out😀. Their service was also fast. My food was served in less than five minutes. They however took a while to pack the take away food for us. Anyway, I honestly loved the place and I’m planning to be a frequent there. I hope you’re already planning to make a visit too.

Thank you for reading my post. Until next time, it’s been real😉.

Catch you soon in my next post that’s gonna be about traveeeeelllll!!! Yea I know, I’ve dwelt a lot on food yet my blog is supposed to be about fun and travel too…I’ve heard you, I’m hitting the road soon. Stay tuned😉.

For you restaurant really is for you🙌

I first heard about For You Chinese Restaurant from my friend Jemeli. ‘Wapi nduru yake weuweeee’😂. She couldn’t stop talking about how lovely the restaurant was and especially about their prawns😋. I finally got a chance to try it out with my brothers a few weeks ago and true to her words, the place was just amazing🙌.

From town, board a bus going to Kawangware that you can get at Kencom or GPO. First, you need to know that there’s two of them, the old and the new restaurant. Luckily, they are close to each other, somewhere around valley arcade mall, so if you alight at the wrong one (like we did), you can easily walk to the next. Here’s a glimpse of what the old one looks like.

The ambience is nice and all but it has this business like vibe. You’d feel out of place if you were looking for a place to chill and make noise with your friends😂. The people we met there looked like they’d come for meetings and staff. We actually did feel out of place and that’s how we realized we were in the wrong one. So, if you see an entrance like this…

know you’re in the right place😀. This is the new one, the place we dined.

I fell in love with this place the moment I got in. Here’s a glimpse of the inside. The picture ain’t very clear but you’ll love it for sure.

You can also choose to sit out here.

We were well received and helped to get a table. There’s this Chinese lady who particularly caught my eye. She was really kind. There’s this time I wanted to put my back pack on the floor because space😀 and she came by really fast to pull over a seat for me to place it. I was honestly amazed, if you know what I mean. Anyway, we got the menus in no time and before we could even decide on what to order, we were given some appetizers on the house!

This caught us by surprise😀.

I love how crunchy the doritos were and the sauces were nice too. P.S. if you’re alone, you better not finish it because it’s kinda filling. You won’t have enough space for your food.

Their prices are surprisingly affordable🙌. The quality and quantity of food you get is waay above the amount you gonna pay. Here’s what I mean.

Whatever you order doesn’t come with a side, but is usually a whole meal on it’s own i.e. you can be tempted to order noodles and maybe chicken but trust me this would be too much for one person. The noodles alone are satisfying and complete. The best thing to do would be to go with a friend so while one orders the noodles, the other orders the chicken and y’all share. You’ll have tasted two different things, paid less and eaten to your fill. Life hacks right?😂 Here’s what we had.

The sweet and sour beef was tasty..I loved the fact that it was a bit crunchy and had pineapples. The chicken curry with cashew nuts was also nice. The beef that came with the noodles was just amazing. It was so tender and tasty😋😭. What I didn’t enjoy was the prawns. I was gonna say it’s probably because I ain’t a fun of sea foods but my brothers didn’t like it either! I don’t know if it’s the kind we ordered that wasn’t exciting or what. @ Melly, I need to revisit this place with you so that you can help me figure out the tasty kind😀. The food was really filling though, we weren’t able to finish it all. I don’t know if this had anything to do with the doritos we had at the beginning or their amounts are just that generous😌. Besides food, there’s a bar at the restaurant for the lovers of wine, whisky and the likes.

As if all the hospitality and good food wasn’t enough, our bill came with gifts! I know right, that was so sweet of them😌. They really are for you🙌. There was something for each one of us.

Sadly, my brothers didn’t let me have the lipbalms saying that they were going to gift their girlfriends. ‘Inauma but…’😭. I ended up with the torch that I now appreciate. I like how tiny it is, easy to carry around and it actually is efficient. Plus it’s just cuute😍😀. I’m glad I ended up with it😂.

For those with small children, the restaurant is kid friendly. They even have a small playground at the back for them.

In case you wanna have your birthday dinner here, there’s a small room just next to the entrance that you can book. I can’t remember it’s capacity but you only need to pay 1000ksh to make a reservation of the whole room. This amount is redeemable on food or drinks. I know, these guyz are just too much🙌. They gatchu every step of the way😀. You’re allowed to bring your cake.

In summary, we really loved the place and would definately recommend it to you.

Thank you for reading my blog post. Until next time, it’s been real.😉